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About Hentai:

Hentai is a Japanese word. The term is used to refer to the genre of anime, manga, and video game if it contains a pornographic element.

Unlike Western porn movies, Hentai can be an exciting, emotional story, but its ultimate goal is to contain sexual scenes. Its success is also due to the fact that it can be woven into something that is almost impossible to do in a movie. The creators often aim to stun the viewer with wild, imaginative scenes, a full arsenal of tools and extreme situations. The character of pornography is refined by the presence of cartoon characters.

The term hentai is also often used to draw or animate pornographic images, films that are not animated. This usually happens when an image contains an existing cartoon character, such as a Disney cartoon character.

It is customary for the protagonist to appear to be an average person, and in many cases to be shy, to do extreme things at the behest of a man / woman or excited about his own body. Anything that will distract the viewer will fit into this. The creators are fond of using the most delicate taboos of society.

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